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Drug Claims Management using Precision Medicine


Genetics4Health provides an end-to-end drug claims management solution using precision medicine.  The antiquated trial and error method of prescribing drugs wastes time and money.  Precision medicine using pharmacogenetic testing may reduce overall medical costs by preventing adverse drug reactions.  Genetics4Health provides clinicians with more information about how their patients metabolize medication. 

Precision medicine


A medical model that proposes the customization of healthcare, with medical decisions, treatments, practices, or products being tailored to the individual patient. In this model, diagnostic testing is often employed for selecting appropriate and optimal therapies based on the context of a patient’s genetic content or other molecular or cellular analysis.

Genes evaluated


We analyze drug-metabolizing enzymes that have an impact on many commonly prescribed medications to provide the clinician with additional information about their patients to help them predict the efficacy of over 135 drugs. 

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